From the global to the local: A mapping of methods and messages carried into programs and learners’ lives

This blog is about more than critiquing a couple of tests. It is also about more than Ontario’s LBS system, although the system will be examined regularly. The blog is fundamentally an effort to articulate for all readers how an international adult literacy testing initiative has shaped the day-to-day teaching and learning of adult literacy. By examining… Read More

What makes the spin-off tests so darn difficult (and frustrating)?

All spin-off tests share common elements since they adhere to the basic test development methods used to construct test items in the international literacy tests. Here are the main reasons that they are difficult and an inappropriate measure  in the context of literacy learning programs: The spin-offs claim to be “authentic” and representative of a task… Read More

Using an international literacy spin-off to make funding decisions: A first in Canada and the world

As far as I can tell, and you can tell me different, no other government funded education or learning system in Canada has ever tied the results of student testing to funding. In other words, the LBS system in Ontario will be the first and only publicly funded system in Canada to base funding decisions… Read More

A decade of effort to make the unworkable work

Since 2007 the policy folks who oversee the literacy program at Ontario’s Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) have been attempting to use an international literary spin-off test to produce a measure of what they refer to as learner gains. What they are after are test results that show an improvement or increased score… Read More