Organizational Changes and the Newly Created Adult Education – Lifelong Learning and Essential Skills Branch

Organizational changes in all three learning ministries were made last spring, a few months after Premier Wynne mandated the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD) to lead the development of an integrated, learner-focused Adult Education System, working with the ministers of Education, and Citizenship and Immigration. I’ve pieced together those changes using online… Read More

Ontario’s Adult Education Consultation and an On-going Concern about a Seemingly Uncoordinated System

So much is happening in Ontario’s adult education system in a very short period of time that it becomes challenging to keep track of announcements and various initiatives. In just over a year, those working in LBS, ESL/FSL and Adult Credit have been caught up with The Highly Skilled Workforce Initiative, The LBS evaluation, a symposium… Read More