Concerns about competencies and a “digital solution” in adult education reform

I was part of a small group who worked together to develop a response to the recent call for input on the adult education consultation overseen by Ontario’s Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD). In the group were participants and organizers from The Festival of Literacies, “an initiative to bring adult literacy practice and… Read More

Organizational Changes and the Newly Created Adult Education – Lifelong Learning and Essential Skills Branch

Organizational changes in all three learning ministries were made last spring, a few months after Premier Wynne mandated the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD) to lead the development of an integrated, learner-focused Adult Education System, working with the ministers of Education, and Citizenship and Immigration. I’ve pieced together those changes using online… Read More

Ontario’s Adult Education Consultation and an On-going Concern about a Seemingly Uncoordinated System

So much is happening in Ontario’s adult education system in a very short period of time that it becomes challenging to keep track of announcements and various initiatives. In just over a year, those working in LBS, ESL/FSL and Adult Credit have been caught up with The Highly Skilled Workforce Initiative, The LBS evaluation, a symposium… Read More